Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSC?

Digital Signature Certificate

Select certificate window is not showing?

Drivers are not installed. Install the drivers for the Digital Certificate.Go to "website "". click on "Help File JAva". You can different drivers for different digital keys.

How to change the Digital Certificate?

Kindly login to the SRM portal. Click on User Menu-> Register DSC-> reregister-> . here you acn see three buttons "sign", "submit","Initialized". If you dont get initialzed, please check if java is working in your System. Click on Sign, ok, ok, "Allow unsigned application to run", do not block. Insert your DSC token into the system. Select the DSC, enter the password, ok, ok. It takes back to the

Is it possible to quote without DSC?

No, DSC is made mandatory for quoting.

Is it possible to use one DSC for multiple Logins?

Presently it is not possible, Issue will be Addressed.